the Raspberry keton diet is a revolution in the way of approaching the diet

minimize insulin peaks to keep your figure and avoid snacking without depriving yourself and without feeling hungry









Consume fat and limit the consumption of sugars




Limit foods that have a high glycemic index and promote low indexes to enter ketosis

here are the basics of the ketogenic diet.

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Keto diet is the best fad diet and it works

as proof, obese people lose an average of 18 kilos with this ketogenic diet

the most skeptical nutritionists admit the effectiveness of this diet which allows to keep a balanced diet

with 70% lipids 20% and 10% carbohydrates this diet allows you to lose weight sustainably by adopting

good eating habits

The advantage of the ketogenic diet is also the appetite suppressant effect by acting on the hormones that regulate this sensation,

this hormone is often out of order after years of poor eating habits

therefore appetite suppressant and fat reserves used as fuel for your energy!


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Raspberry Ketone plus

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raspberry keton

“The importance of obesity remains of concern in terms of public health”

The excess fat mass indeed results in an increase in many pathologies: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, joint problems, breathing problems,

depression or cancers of several types,especially of the liver, uterus or breast after menopause.


the importance of obesity remains of concern in terms of public health “

Zins, epidemiologist and director of the Inserm unit




For me the raspberry Keton diet worked well, I lost 5 kilos in three months

I performed this method as a diet and not as a strict diet


ketogenic diet

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Ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet helps cleanse the blood vessels

Ketosis state causes lasting weight loss

Keton origin

Originally used in children with epilepsy to reduce seizures, the ketogenic or keto diet was developed in the 1920s.

This diet first demonstrated anticonvulsant effects in epileptics. the keto diet has then grown in popularity in recent years as a quick method to lose weight. It is also used to improve symptoms of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Appetite suppressant sensation

This state of “ketosis” results in a marked decrease in appetite which helps reduce the amount of food consumed.

How long

The specific ketogenic weight loss diet has no time limit.

the ketogenic diet has a variable duration

a few weeks to a few months

All ketogenic diet products

Selection of keto products the best diet currently

the ketogenic diet

  • 50 g of carbohydrates maximum per day. This represents about 5% of the total calories consumed during the day. A normal diet usually provides 45-65% of our calories in the form of carbohydrates.


  • 75% fat
  • 20% protein


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