ginseng set

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ginseng set

ginseng set including a box of 100g of red ginseng paste + a box of root of 6 years of age + a box of 100g ultra powerful ginseng powder extract,very good price.

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ginseng set 


ginseng Manchurian Tiger


Ginseng set 1

including a box of 4 oz of red ginseng paste + a box of root of 6 years of age + a box of

4 oz ultra powerful ginseng powder extract .

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ginseng product 

that lets you discover it in all its forms

In the last fifty years, the chinese of Korea and Russia,

have confirmed the adaptogenic effect,

helps resist hunger and mental and emotional stress .

ginseng lowers cholesterol levels in the blood,

and slighty lower blood sugar

PERFECT for sportsmen to add to their supplement range,

ginseng gives the necessary energy and increase of testosterone.

students should take ginseng in rehab

the white ginseng extract is perfect for mental concentration,

it is powerful and balanced

red ginseng  7 oz

the appeal for the power of plants to respond to certain deficiencies, should not replace a medical opinion. Despite the usefulness of plants it should not be used to treat.