red ginseng

Authentic Manchurian Red ginseng,

contains 10 mg of the ginsenosides.

Scientific research to date has proven the benefits

of  ginseng on human health.

Such as boosting the immune system,

increasing energy and stamina,

and supporting memory function.

it enhances cognitive abilities.

Students consume it before exams,

and athletes before a competition.

fight against aging.

improve libido.

And fermenting red ginseng which we have selected

produces the highest quality.

exctract, with easy to absorb active ingredients.

it’s a Traditional chinese and Korean recipe.

ginseng Manchurian Tiger  is slighty sugar in honey

to limit the bittterness.

It is very pleasant to consume.

Available in 100 and 200 ml.

To consume and add according to taste preferences,

it’s best to take it in the morning.

not recommended for pregnant or nursing women.

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ginseng Manchurian Tiger