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Ginseng Powder

Discover Manchurian ginseng powder,

and the best of the extract.

Our powder rich in ginsenosides,

is very ultra fine,

Active ingrédient are obtained by an appropriate

extraction method.

This powder is not just crushed roots,

your extract Manchurian Tiger, 

is rich in saponines et ginsenosides.

We selected roots are authentic panax ginseng.

Harvest after 6 years.

Our product is both very powerful with a very balanced


To improve your concentration,

skills and your strenght.

Boost your libido.

Attenuates the effects of menopause.

 To help you fight against seasonal diseases.

you are obviously satisfied with this product.

Our customers are 100% satisfied with its effect.

The  dose we recommend is  1/4  teaspoon  for in your

protein shake.

Or in your  fruit juice.

not recommended for pregnant or nursing women

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