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Ginseng and Tea


Ginseng tea from Manchuria


Manchurian ginseng


Manchu forest
The country of origin of ginseng
The region of ancient Manchuria, cradle of wild ginseng, the city of Harbin and the
Korea, as well as the Russian Far East.
A beautiful space, open to adventure and freedom.
Filled by Russian, Manchu, Tungus, Korean and Chinese riders.
Its territories are also the domain of the Siberian tiger, the hunter and the ginseng collector.
men fight for control of forests or for growth.
Bandits and deserters from diverse backgrounds, you face a splendid but unforgiving nature.

A little history

Introduced in Europe in the 9th century by an Arab doctor.
It is thanks to its tonic properties that the plant becomes very popular in the 17th century.
increases physical and intellectual performance.
Today, roots are very rare in nature and can quickly reach very high prices.



Manchuria forest ginseng



The difference between red and white roots



red ginseng


Red Ginseng is a world-renowned Korean specialty.

The  root is white in its natural form, then, after being heated and soaked in a sweet mixture, the root becomes red-brown.

To your question, what is the best between red and white? The selection from the root to the base will always be a white root, so a good white root will always make a good red .

Then red  is known to be stronger than white, because of its treatment that makes it more toned and less balanced than white.

Indeed it will remain the most tonic saponins (thirty are identified in a white root). When the root turns red, after a change, the effects on the human body are very different depending on the person.

Property plant is a very useful treasure on periods of fatigue, to increase your libido, increase your sports performance, etc.

An aid for the body to resist aggression in the face of mental and emotional stress.

An adaptogenic plant, clinical trials confirm the usefulness of the root for maintaining vitality and virility in aging men. Hormonal regulator and immune stimulant.


Depending on your tastes, we offer these different forms for your preparations, tea,  red concentrated, but also powder or root.


ginseng powder




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