Ginseng powder extract

Ginseng powders extract the Tiger of the Manchuria




ginseng powder

On the site we selected of the ginseng in the form of powder.

With a 80 % percentage extracted from saponines rich it ginsenoside, the molecule making the quality of the product.

It means that you have a product of exceptional one

Quality which na nothing to do with of simple roots crushed, sometimes mixed with sheets(leaves),

We obtain then a dark brown powder, often sold

As of the powder red ginseng, which is by way of mediocre quality.

Active ingredients are obtained by a method of extraction suited.

We speak active ingredients contained in roots conscript: saponine

Saponines has to have a strong concentration of it ginsenoside.

Ginsenoside is particularly effective for the health, in particular for the immunizing function(office)

We obtain then an extract of powder of light yellow color, without ogm,

The process answer the current standards ISO.

A quality charter of the laboratory concerning the analyses of the product,

So that saponines is in accordance in content of molecules of ginsénoside.

Test by you even our products, because a good product of ginseng in a measurable effect

In only a few days of grip(taking).

The powder also contains stérols, and fatty acid occurring(speaking) in the good cardiovascular health.

Vitamins B1, B2, B3, C, E and minerals such as the phosphor, the magnesium, the zinc, the iron, the copper, the silica, the manganese..

You can contact us by e-mail for the commands(orders) of more 15 boxes of extract.

Our  red concentrated ginseng tiger of Manchuria

ginseng Manchurian Tiger