Effervescent Creatine

Effervescent creatine


Effervescent creatine

An effervescent complex In Creatmax Energized, we’ve been rolling out a last generation effervescent complex.

It was developed with the aim of optimizing the absorption of each asset in the formulation.

Thanks to the effervescence, Creatmax Energized stands out  by its speed of action.

A Complex of Creatins For maximum efficiency,

Creatmax Energized associates monohydrate creatine.

pyruvate and citrate, three particularly powerful forms.

This multiphase creatine complex, which improves physical capacity,

to help you in successive series of intense exercises.

You can  get you heavier.

A Pro-N.O. matrix.

In response to muscular work provided during the year, muscles become denser and thicker.

To support your efforts, we find, at the heart of Creatmax Energized,

optimized L-Arginine dosage and L-Citrulline, two successful N.O.


The formula gives a Pump effect!

A amino acid matrix Amino acids are active constituents of proteins.

they contribute to maintaining and increasing muscle mass.

Creatmax Energized creatine effervescent provides L-Glutamine,

L-Tyrosine, L-Ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate and L-Lysine.

We chose micronized amino acids for better absorption.

An optimization medium The Pro-Energize complex consists of dextrose,

maltodextrin, which provide the muscles with a rapid flow of energy fuel.

We added taurine and ginseng.

Version  Energized  includes caffeine,

which provides an additional energizing boost, and helps you concentrate.

A cofactor complex To help you reduce physical fatigue and recover,

Creatmax Energized is enriched with vitamins from group B, B 3, B 6 and B 9.

Vitamin B 6 also contributes to the normal metabolism of proteins and glycogen.

Folic acid occurs in amino acid synthesis.




-Improve your physical performance through creatine.

-Promote your mass intake with amino acids. Booster your energy through ginseng.

  • took 10 minutes before training , 200 ml of water


  • Effervescent complex for better absorption. Packaging and aroma – 450 g pot  30 doses – Orange
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