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ginseng about 25 year old

the ginseng roots that are worth gold

The botanical name for ginseng is “Panax ginseng”, where Panax comes from the Greek and means “who heals everything”.

The Latin name “Panacea” goes in the same direction, because the French translation is a universal remedy that solves everything.

This plant is particularly attributed to the complete healing powers.

The wild ginseng plant is about 80 centimeters in height,

the yellowish-white umbels are relatively inconspicuous, but the red fruits shine a beautiful color.

They develop from the fourth year and each bear two seeds for the offspring.

The typical forest and mountain plant sheds its long, three- to five-fingered leaves in the fall.

Ginseng root has a human form, which gave it the name “Ren shen” in China,

that is, a human body.





racine de ginseng



In addition to the ginseng roots, the flowers can be made into an aromatic tea.

The content of ginsenosides is important for the positive effect of ginseng preparations.

For the treatment in Europe, ginseng powders are used in addition to the root sections.

While Asian customers prefer fermented red ginseng, white ginseng is mainly

marketed in Europe.


Ginseng root specimen


Sometimes ginseng roots can grow to great proportions

Like this beautiful 25 year old root

gathered in northern China, this region and known since the Tang dynasty

for its wild plants.

A ginseng plant can live for over a hundred years.

You will find in our shop wild roots of more than 6 years.

ginseng about 25 year old

Formerly in China and Korea, but also in the Indochinese peninsula,

we only find wild ginseng

today our roots are mainly cultivated in semi-wild, in spring,

on well-watered soils.

our roots are harvested in the fall,

then pick up the lava and steam, then dry them.

on the site you will find ginseng roots up to 8 years old.

the roots are used in China and Korea for medicine

and in traditional cuisine.

The famous chicken with ginseng and soups.

you can use Manchurian tiger extract for cooking or making soup.

The ginseng roots that you can see in the photos are worth a hefty price tag

some roots resembling characters like a couple, can be worth fortunes.

25 year old ginseng the roots that are worth gold

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Ginseng rouge




Manchurian Tiger 

ginseng Manchurian Tiger